The Death Posture Album
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The Death Posture T-Shirt
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Every shirt is hand printed by myself. The process offers for slight variations between each shirt, making each piece unique. The goat-skull is a featured illustration from the album "The Death Posture."


Theurgist T-Shirt
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There is no specific band logo or identification as the image itself is intended as the only property of the shirt. The artwork is reflected in the release and related designs for "The Death Posture."


Flesh Fly T-Shirt
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Subtle. The lyrics come from the song "Vision Of Flies" off of the album "The Death Posture". Relies on the same inconspicuous name branding as above. The fly pictured is actually of the Sarcophagidae family and is known commonly as the Flesh Fly because it breeds in carrion or decaying matter. Flesh Flies frequently give birth to live young on corpses of human and other animals, at any stage of decomposition from newly dead through to bloated or decaying (though the latter is more common).


Gates Of Dissent Sigil Album
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Gates Of Dissent Mp3 Album

Song Download Price
Choronzon $0.79
Identity $0.79
Asmoday $0.79
Initiated $0.79
Zipfront $0.79
Kingdom (Malkuth) $0.79
Unsettled $0.79
Ritual $0.79
Anathema $0.79

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