I've updated the Shop to include the new "The Death Posture T-Shirt" design of the goat-skull artwork featured in the album.


The Death Posture is officially on sale immediately from the Shop. The disks just came in and look amazing. Thanks to everyone for your support! I'll have more news as I get things ready for promoting and possibly playing live. Videos and remixes to come as well!


I've added the remaining lyrics to the Lyrics page. Also, the entire album is officially finished and is waiting to be pressed. It will be available here as well as the usual outlets. Check back soon!


Added 'Priest Of The Raven' lyrics to Lyrics page.


I've finally added a Forum to the website. It's a basic layout for now, but will have an updated look eventually. Please feel free to make use of it at anytime to discuss or read through topics. I'm hoping to make the forum into a growing community of progressive thought and activist mentality.

Also, I've posted Lyrics for the song Exhaustion.


Lyrics for Tenebrarum just posted in the Lyrics page.


Lyrics for Black Grey Nascent are up on the Lyrics page. The live performance has made progress as well.


Shirt designs are finally up in the Shop. I'm preparing the artwork for the new album, so the designs right now are all based on various marketing ideas surrounding "The Death Posture."


Work has continued on the album. I've also been involved in creating soundtrack music to be used in an upcoming documentary. I'll post more about that as it becomes available. In the meantime, I've uploaded the finished song "The Focus Of Life" in the Multimedia and Lyrics sections.


Happy New Year to everyone.
In the holiday free time I've written and recorded vocals for the song "Negative And Limitless" which can be heard in the Multimedia section. There is also an updated version of "Darker Than You Think" as of today.
Feel free to listen and let me know what you think.
I've been scoping out practice spaces as well as preparing songs for live versions. My main resolution for the new year is to get out and play live. Hopefully soon.
New artwork and merchandise should be coming soon as well, and finished videos for The "Night Land" and "Vision Of Flies." Lots of new stuff planned for 2008 along with the release of the full length album The Death Posture. I'll keep everyone updated on the progress.
Thanks to everyone!


The  David Reilly Memoirs book is out now with the options to order it in various packages including live God Lives Underwater sets, live solo acoustic sets, radio interviews, as well as Drowning In Air: A Tribute To God Lives Underwater which includes the Gates of Dissent version of the song "Weaken." Please see the David Reilly Memoirs Myspace page for full details and ordering instructions.


I've added a short promotional video for "Vision Of Flies" to the Multimedia section. I'll most likely add to this later in order to make it a fully official music video for the song. I've also added my interpretation of the song "Fried My Little Brains" originally by The Kills. I made it mostly for my own amusement as a way to break from my normal style. I'm not planning on releasing it in any form so I have added it here for the sake of documenting insight into a different side of me.
There is also a T-shirt design (pictures coming soon) for order in the Shop. I'll be updating the form shortly to include more designs. I've been practicing playing specific songs live which will hopefully mean that I'll be booking shows in the near future. My aim is to play out locally during the first part of next year and to move onwards and outwards throughout.


To start clearing through some of my copies of the Self Titled Album as I'm preparing the 2nd release, and in celebration of Halloween, I'm reducing the price of the CD to $5.00. It's available in the Shop section now.


"Darker Than You Think" is posted in the Multimedia section. I already have plans for more layers that need to be added but that can be said for all of the songs.


"Vision Of Flies" and "Weaken" are mixed and can both be heard now in the Multimedia section.


Another song is just about mixed. "Vision Of Flies" has lyrics written and recorded. "Weaken", the God Lives Underwater track, just needs finalized vocals.


Lately, during a brief break away from the new album, I've been working on a contribution for a God Lives Underwater tribute album. For those not aware, the frontman David Reilly passed away during complications due to a coma induced by treatment for an infection. I was personally very indebted to David Reilly's music growing up, and his death has had a very strong effect on me. It is for this reason and many more that I am proud to offer my version of the song "Weaken" for the upcoming tribute album.

Once the final guitars and chorus vocals are recorded and mixed, the song should be finished. Look for more info as to the release of the tribute.

Thank You.


Finally got around to recording vocals for the first track.The Night Land is now updated in the Multimedia section to contain the version with Lyrics. The mix will most definitely change, but the song is pretty much finished.


The guitar parts for "Vision Of Flies" have been recorded. The new version of this and "The Night Land" can be found in the Multimedia section of the website. Also, I've begun working on motion graphics for the website and eventually actual videos for the songs, possibly leading to an accompanying video collection when the album is completed.


Guitar work for the first half of the album begins with "The Night Land" parts written and recorded.
I'm really excited with how this song sounds already and feel that the guitars match exactly what I initially planned. With the first parts successfully written and the doors opened, the following songs will flow equally from within.


I have removed the old T-shirt design from the Shop. I will be adding a different design eventually. Right now I'm focusing my attention on the new album. Seven of the tracks are in production and I am still feeling confident with the styles of the songs. I'll post some audio of the works in progress soon. In the meantime you can hear three of them on my MySpace profile.


New site layout begins.


The Gates Of Dissent album is now available for download as individual Mp3 tracks or a complete Digital Album in the Shop. I've also added the track Reclamation to the Multimedia section. This was a track written as a contribution of energies to a collaborative 06/06/06 group project. Please visit for more information.


The Portrait Shirt Design is in the Shop for ordering. These are handmade and available in whatever color you want. I'll have an actual list to choose from later, but for now you can leave me a color in the comment field or in an e-mail. I personally print each one of these from a screen that I also handmade, so they have their own unique image. I see the album itself as a self portrait, which is the reason I used that particular theme as a base for the artwork and promotional designs relating to the album. I'll definitely have more shirt designs up soon if anyone has reservations about the current design.

Thanks all.


The Journal is up and running. I'll be messing with the format for a while, but it's ready enough to start posting.


Well it's been a little while since I've had something to post up here. With the completion of the album, all of the work now has been behind the scenes. Still, I've decided to change the format of this page to include a journal of sorts. As for now, I have been working on handmade T-shirt screen-prints that will be for sale here. They are individually made by myself and very personally designed/printed with care. I'll have them up within the next couple of days. E-mail if you are interested in the meantime.

I'll have the journal format up here soon, I hope. I want to feel more connected with those of you who are taking the time to view my site and artwork. The journal will hopefully offer a better venue for sharing views and interests as well as hearing thoughts from others. Eventually, I'd like this site to host a forum for debates and free-thinking discussions of various issues to propagate the Dissent Manifest of self-questioning and non-consent. Expect this to take form in the near future.

Thanks everyone.


As of today, the album Gates Of Dissent is now available through CD Baby. It will continue to be available through this website and will soon be at as well as through various digital distributors.

Buy the CD
GATES OF DISSENT: Gates Of Dissent
click to order

In other news, I will be relocating near the end of this month to a new location more conducive to productivity. This means that I am holding off the start of new projects until the move is complete. I'm expecting the new location and personal environment to be inspiring artistically and musically, so expect lots more SOON!


The Shop is now up with the full Album available for purchase through Paypal Secure Checkout.
Right now, this website is the only place where the album is available. If you are interested in purchasing the CD but need to pay through different means, please contact me. I'll be happy to accomodate requests.

Thanks to all for your continued interest.


The album has been sent for replication and will be available in CD format once the order is processed and has been inspected for quality. Also, in light of the CD's being in the final processes of production, the available downloads have been limited to shortened samples. The CDs will be for sale on this site immediately upon my receiving the order.

01/11/06 is now up and running. Also, the album cover art is now posted in the Artwork section. The cds are about ready to be replicated, so the Shop section should be up very soon. If anyone is interested in stickers, t-shirts, etc., let me know. Thanks everyone.


The album is finished!

Thanks to everyone for all of your support.
The last song is complete and the entire album is available for a short time. Feel free to download it. I'm always interested in feedback as well. The cd will also be available soon with artwork and special extras for those who purchase one from me. Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks again.


Another song completed! Go to the Multimedia page to check out the finished song: Kingdom (Malkuth).
I'll post it in it's completed form for a little while as I continue to work on the final track of the album.

Also, the full versions of the other available tracks have been slightly updated to fix small inconsistencies with other tracks, and to give more depth to the songs themsleves. The adjustments serve to tie the album together more solidly. So, if you have downloaded these tracks already, please do so again for the sake of having the most complete and updated version of the album.

Since there are already eight tracks free of charge, I'll be making the ninth available here as soon as it is finished, in order to offer the full album as a thank you to all of those who have supported me so generously.

Check back soon! The album will definitely be available by January 1st if not sooner.


The Multimedia page has been updated with the finished version of seven of the nine total tracks off of the Gates Of Dissent forthcoming album. The full versions of these songs will be availale for a limited time until the final completion of the album.


Lyrics for Zipfront finished and posted.


Asmoday Lyrics posted


Lyrics for Initiated are complete and posted


Lyrics for the song Unsettled are finished.


Ritual has been fixed remixed and uploaded as completed.


Choronzon is done. The finished version with vocals can be found in the Multimedia page.


The Biography is up, although one might dispute its biographical content. I think it's appropriate.


I'm still working on the site little by little. Hopefully I'll have the Biography and Links page up soon, which should pretty much make this page officially ready. The Artwork page won't have content until later, but it will gradually come in to form over time. The structure of the layout and the pages themselves may change a little here and there as I learn more about the process of web-design, but thematically the page you see is defined.

Don't forget to E-mail me for any information or questions. I'm hoping at some point to make a membership available. The benefits of joining will be newsletters, free merchandise, and original art in addition to any special releases designed solely for members. Let me know if you are interested.

I'm always open to any suggestions, comments, etc. so feel free to contact me.

- Thanks everyone.


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