Gates Of Dissent - My artist profile, feel free to add me as a friend and recommend my profile to anyone who may be interested. You can message me from Myspace or directly through my E-mail.


Threshold House - Site devoted to the past and present projects of Peter Christopherson and the spirit of Jhonn Balance. Includes the re-release COIL catalogue for purchase. Not much else needs to be said, their music has greatly influenced me artistically and spiritually. More so than any other.

Young_God_Records - The record label owned and operated by the Angels Of Light frontman, Michael Gira. Another artist whose entire career has continued to amaze and inspire me. Additionally, every release from this record label has an intrinsically valid soul of staggering heights.


Disinformation - Self proclaiming to be "the gateway to the underground." The best source for news on politics, conspiracies, occulture, technology, artists, and weirdness.

International Trepanation Advocacy Group - Information involving a specific and controversial surgical procedure that dates as far back as the Neolithic era and portends to cause an elevated "psychic light" in recipients' consciousness.

UNPOP ART - (from their website) The application of pop aesthetics, stylings, or techniques to unpopular, unpleasant, repressed or otherwise censored ideas.


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