Gates Of Dissent


The first and self titled album from Gates Of Dissent.

This album revolves mainly around the concept of identity and the complexities of what we discern as "self." It delves specifically into my own personal questioning of self and my path into the destruction and breakdown of ego. Though the intention on a larger scale is a positive one, it can be a very difficult and dangerous process to take apart your own beliefs and the stability of who you have come to see yourself as. Personalities can become merely stubborn frameworks in the face of an egotistical mindset. I've been personally initiated into a dissention of all things Outward and Inner. Chaos and Disorder are also constant themes in my life and music. It is my personal belief that the source of our lives and the seemingly incoherent lack of reason in our environment and selves is from a deep connection with the creative elements in Chaos. If all things are from Chaos, then we need to invite disorder into our living in order to understand the foundation of our world.

This album is a reflection on the effects disorder has on personality, as well as the limitations our identities and stubborn beliefs cause us in pursuit of finding our true selves. Emotionally, the album represents to me the ups and downs of living and the struggle to keep a balance whilst breaking the chains that would maintain our hold on reality.

Track List:
01. Choronzon
02. Identity
03. Asmoday
04. Initiated
05. Zipfront
06. Kingdom (Malkuth)
07. Unsettled
08. Ritual
09. Anathema


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