Gates Of Dissent is entirely myself.

The focus of this project is to keep a constant perspective of my beliefs and ideologies. I feel that it is imperative to fully acknowledge all points of view as valid or at least worth debating the value of. It is through constant questioning of our own beliefs and by keeping an unbiased attitude towards knowledge that we can validate our paths to the extent of being wholly aware of what belief is concurrently perfect for our selves. It is also through this constant questioning that we deny ourselves the unnecesary and detrimental position of egotistical validation. I may not be an entirely self confident person, but I refuse the need for pride. Paradoxically, I find that by always being aware and understanding of the various possible beliefs, and therefore never being resolutely tied to one self, I can be sure that what I believe in is the most appropriate paradigm for my persona.

I have always been an artist. I can say that art and expression is necessary to me. Without the outlet of emotion that art has become for me, I would not continue to exist. With that having been said, the emotions expressed in my works are entirely honest, even if they may only express what I personally need to let out at a specific time. Obviously, the connection to being awake to Chaos and self-awareness is resultant in a conflicted identity. It is because of who I am that I feel the way I do. Being sure of my feelings, I am comfortable with all forms my emotions may take no matter how hurtful they can become inside. I have found a positive outlet for depression and have made myself of the energy it represents to me as a definition of identity.

This period in my life is initiating an understanding of what identity and ego mean to me. I have become very dedicated to releasing my mind from the binds that an ego represents without becoming abstracted from personality. It is only a limitation to ourselves to allow prejudicial and stubborn beliefs.

Question yourself.

Thank you.